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The National #1 Song for Southern Gospel for June 2017 from "Singing News" Magazine:

  “Never Will I Ever Again” 
Greater Vision 

The National #1 Song for Adult Contemporary for May 2017 from

                      “Even If” 

​Have you ever stopped to think how much you use Christian Radio? With ipods, tablets, and computers you can listen to Christian Radio almost anywhere and any time day or night. When you are alone at night and having a hard time going to sleep because of things on your mind, or maybe you just don’t feel well - you can tune in and listen to music or hear someone bring you a word of encouragement. Or during the week - you can tune in to Family Radio and listen to Bible teaching almost any time of the day - with Bible teachers like Chuck Swindoll, David Jeremiah, or Steve Brown. James Dobson & Dennis Rainey give 
advice on family problems; Rob West & Chuck Bentley give financial advice. You can get help on personal problems with your marriage, pornography plus many 
more on New Life Live! Family Radio can fill in the gaps when you can’t call someone to help you from your church. We have a prayer board where you can 
have a prayer request posted. With Internet streaming you can listen to us anywhere or anytime. Keep us in your prayers and remember us with your gifts.  
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Some time back, we did a music survey here in our newsletter. Listed below are 
the results: 
Adult Contemporary     
Southern Gospel           3 
Praise & Worship          3 
Hymns & Inspirational  
All (liked everything)      2 
Thank you for participating and giving us feedback. We appreciate all our listeners. Thank you for your support. If you didn’t get a chance to participate in 
our survey, let us know through mail or e-mail or give us a call here at Family Radio at 492-6000.