Program Schedule
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12:00AM Sounds of Majesty 
1:00AM Moody Thru The Night 
5:30AM FamilyLife Today 
6:05AM Portraits of Grace
6:30AM Insight Short 
6:45AM SRN Sports 
6:47AM My Money Life
7:06AM Think Spot - Steve Brown 
7:15AM Christian Working Woman 
7:30AM Key Life 
7:45AM SRN Sports 
8:30AM Focus On The Family 
9:30AM Renewing Your Mind 
10:30AM Family Life Today 
11:30AM Insight For Living 
12:30PM Local Church Ministries 
1:00PM New Life Live 
2:35PM Life Issues 
3:15PM F O T  F  Minute   
3:25PM BreakPoint 
3:30PM Money Wise 
4:00PM Adventures In Odyssey 
5:05PM My Money Life
5:10PM Mission Network News 
5:14PM Route 66 
5:16PM Luis Palau 
5:18PM Plugged In Movie Review
5:20PM Lighten Up! 
5:30PM Family Talk
6:05PM In Touch 
6:30PM Turning Point
9:00PM Moody Broadcasting
10:00PM The Word In Song II 
11:00PM The Word In Song III 

12:00AM Celebration of Praise - Moody Broadcasting Network
1:00AM Music Thru The Night I
2:00AM Music Thru the Night II
3:00AM Music Thru the Night III
4:00AM Music Thru the Night IV
5:00AM Music Thru the Night V
6:30AM Christian Working Woman
7:30AM Ranger Bill
8:00AM Odyssey Weekend
9:00AM Paws and Tales
10:00AM Children's Music
10:30AM Lamplighter Theatre
11:00AM Focus Weekend
12:05PM Destiny Moments
1:00PM 20 The Countdown Magazine
4:00PM Soul 2 Soul Radio Program
5:05PM Sports Spectrum
6:00PM Music for Saturday V Moody Broadcasting
7:00PM Inside Look with Greg Wheatley
7:13PM Today in the Word Devotional
8:00PM Building Relationships
9:00PM Celebration of Praise I
10:00PMCelebration of Praise II
10:13PM Today in the Word Devotional 
11:00PM Celebration of Praise III
12:00PM Celebration of Praise IV

12:00AM Sound of Majesty Moody Broadcasting Network
1:00AM Music Thru the Night I
2:00AM Music Thru the Night II
3:00AM Music Thru the Night III
4:00AM Music Thru the Night IV
5:00AM Music Thru the Night V
6:00AM Hour Of Decision 
7:30AM Let My People Think - with Ravi Zacharius 
8:00AM Unshackled 
9:00AM Moody Presents 
10:00AM In Touch 
11:00AM State Rd. Adv. Christian Church 
12:00PM Family News In Focus
12:05PM Gospelfest
1:00PM The Gospel Greats 
3:00PM Christ Gospel Broadcast 
3:30PM Insight Weekend 
4:00PM Homecoming Radio
5:05PM Good News Music Radio
6:00PM Circuit Rider
7:00PM Moody Presents - Moody Broadcasting
7:26PM Today in the Word Devotional 
7:30PM Truth for Life Alistair Begg
8:00PM Turning Point Weekend
8:30PM Hour of Decision
9:00PM Soundfile
10:00PM Psalm 95
11:00PM Unshackled
11:30PM Songs in the Night

  Monday-Friday                                Saturday                                                    Sunday
We block our music to fit your listening style:
          6:00 AM - 8:30 AM      Southern Gospel
          9:00 AM - 11:30 AM    Inspirational/Hymns
         12:00 PM - 3:00 PM     Praise and Worship
          3:00 PM - 5:00 PM      Adult Contemporary 
Week nights schedule:  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Monday nights - Southern Gospel - Dave & Charlotte Wilson
Tuesday nights (every other) Pastor Roger Jewell
Wednesday nights - Adult Contemporary - Tom Hale
Thursday nights - Christian Country/Southern Gosp - Brenda Farley
Friday nights - Southern Gosp/Ins/AC/ - Pastor Roger Jewell